Garbage Can Coaching

Motivational video to help get your waste management affairs in order.

Jim Smetchland’s Rating: C
“I think of the time and effort it took you to come up with and do this- not to mention filming and editing etc. . . .Why couldn’t you just take the fucking trash out?!?”


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One Response to “Garbage Can Coaching”

  1. exuvia Says:

    I’ve asked you before, did you loose any family in the camps?

    Unbridled IQ is all over this production.

    This filthy kitchen chapter on steroids and amphetamine is a development that shows us tube watchers that the actor cannot and will not be filed under a single category. If any devout disciple of kitchen soaps had Remi Stevens down as deep, Kurdish, philosophical and hypothyroid this just changes our vision; action, pure action… Jason Statham looks pale in comparison.

    Hail to adrenalin.

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