Jim Smetchland Reviews: Buried

Fuck, newsflash, its just Van Wilder stuck in a box for 2 hours. What a goddamn mystery, thrilling. . . .But seriously, i couldn’t stop watching, i had absolutely nothing better to do, how depressing is that?! Well actually i got up and left here and there to try and pass the time along, i wanted to see if he got out of the damn box so I’d check in a bit while doing laundry. I won’t completely give away the ending in case you go through this torture yourself but goddamit! hmmmm, I remember being offended by some of the American propaganda, but i can’t recall exactly what was said, i was zoning out and it was days ago. The only real cinematic difference would happen about every half hour where they would pick an angle and zoom out excruciatingly slow to show the box in a dark space. Worst part, he lives for hours in a coffin with a lighter burning and somehow never runs out of breath- in real life you’d be dead in minutes. They account for this by having him exclaim every once in a while “i can’t breath in here!”. Shit, why do i bother?

Jim Smetchland’s Rating: D-

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