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Happiness From the Back of a Truck

March 30, 2011

Truck with creepy chimes drives into town plastered with corporate logos. Is there a driver, is it remote control? . . .Push the button on the back and receive your ration of poisoned sugar water. Naturally we crowd around to get ours, but you’ve got to be fast, the truck is only so big and there are only so many teats. Welcome to the future of food supply. . . .Hungrier the town is the less the truck slows down (for safety)- and if you’re on really hard times there are helicopters and nothing.

This video really made me laugh. Thanks!
This is fucked up.

Manual E-Reader

March 24, 2011

They’re charging nearly the same price for e-books as they are for real books. Cut out the middle man, and gorge on the savings!

Jim Smetchland Rating: D-
“Still associated with this show, Jim Smetchland needs a drink”

Kwik Koffee

March 15, 2011

Formed out of necessity, filthy kitchen delivers the 1st of many coffee recipes.

Jim Smetchland A-
“Holy shit, that’s not bad!! A little gross but it works. . .I just go to the drive-through when the machine breaks”

Higher Fidelity

March 5, 2011

Turn your high-fi into an even higher one! Don’t waste money on a home theatre system.

Jim Smetchlands Rating: F
“You know, there are times when i think you’re being serious. But come on, this can’t be for real?!”