Rock the Vote. . . .Don’t.

Tired of picking a colour and being disappointed with the results- there is another option. No I don’t mean throwing away your vote on the Green party- throw it away on no party. Reject your ballot, leave it blank. Its going to be more popular in this election than any previous election. Never before have so many people been talking about this option, many websites are dedicated to the cause.

Spoiling vs Rejecting a ballot, there is a difference. Spoiling a ballot is illegal and is not counted. A rejected ballot does get counted. If you want to conscientiously reject the election legally and be counted, you’re best option is to leave your ballot blank. Any mark could be counted as a spoil, blank ballots, however, are always counted.

Is a Prime Minister still a PM when only %25 of the population voted for them? How about %20? . . . .%15 of Canadians voted for the Conservative Party, %0.001 of us actually marked Stephen Harper’s name on a ballot! The theory among rejectors is to push the government’s legitimacy even lower- to near fatal levels. If these career politicians are going to lie and pretend they represent us, lets make that lie an even bigger doozy. With more people rejecting the election, there will be more political will to reform the system, make it fair, and get us to want to mark our ballots again.

Technically Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy, lets get that irrelevant non-applicable fact out of the way. Generations of voting, politicians and weirdo ‘freedom-prisoners’ to our south have given us the strong impression that we are a democratic country. We put up signs, we cast ballots, many of us are thoroughly convinced that we make a difference as citizens to the political authority. Here is our effectiveness as an electorate:

– 2/3 of us will not be represented by someone we voted for.

– We will elect less than %25 women.

– The Green Party will get one million votes (enough to elect 25 Conservatives) but will not win any seats.

– The Conservatives will get every seat in Alberta from 2/3 of the votes.

Riding inequality. Our system can’t keep up with our changing population. Fast growing Brampton has 170000 people in its riding, Labrador has 26000- yet both ridings send 1 equal representative to Ottawa. The Labrador vote is worth 7 times as much! When Brampton people cast their single vote, the fucker from Labrador comes in and drops an arm’s length of ballots into the same box- how is this fair?!?

Further, what the hell is fair about a minimum voting age of 18?!? How many of us vote solely by way of our favourite colour or smile- yet we can’t trust a child to do the same? Even for ‘informed’ voters, understanding what the parties stand for is not difficult, the choices are incredibly simple. Seriously, your dog could probably cast an informed ballot. Its a joke that teenagers aren’t trusted with this. They refuse to let us vote as teens; ignoring people makes them apathetic. Is there really any wonder why young adults don’t vote?

Two-thirds of Canadian voters already know who will be elected in their riding, before the votes are even cast. Really, it’s a tribute to Canadians’ sense of civic duty that any of us bother to vote at all.” – Wayne Smith, Fair Vote Canada

Canada desperately needs an actual democracy. How do you make it happen? Explore your options. The Conservatives solidify control on the PM’s office and refuse to talk with the public. The Liberals have won countless elections and formed many majorities; they’ve never given any indication to fix the cracked system that’s been good to them for so long. The NDP and Greens however, want proportional representation; they’re always getting screwed by the system. My suggestion is to strategically vote for one of these parties. Its an inelegant solution, but it really is the best option. The NDP would surely axe any idea of PR if they formed a government, but as an official opposition you can be sure they will push for electoral reform.

Why rejecting ballots won’t work.
Rejected ballots, its a great statistic to flout, but that’s really all it is. No matter how many there are, the government is going to ignore them. If the public ever became so dissatisfied with authority that the majority of us were planning to reject our ballots, well, the government would already be dealing with bigger crises than blank ballots. . . .So for now, in this election, consider where rejected ballots are coming from. Progressives are concerned with the state of our democracy; no one else cares. Conservative voters will not be swayed into rejecting, glass eyed Liberal fanatics won’t bother either. It’s angry voters on the far left who are concerned with our democracy. These blank ballots overwhelmingly come from the back pocket of the NDP. Don’t get me wrong, I do not support the NDP or any party, but I will vote for them since our interests in establishing proportional representation are temporarily aligned.

Blue, Red or Blank. All these ‘votes’ put us one election closer to the ‘two’ party system Americans enjoy. Two ideologically identical parties that only really differ in how they pander to voters. One that fucks you and refuses to talk about it, and another that fucks you and sells you long-winded patronizing horseshit. Thankfully we have the colours reversed here, so we’ve got that to look forward to.

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8 Responses to “Rock the Vote. . . .Don’t.”

  1. Jim Smetchland Says:

    Sneaky. At first I thought you were telling me to spoil it, then. . . .whammo, vote NDP. . . .I suppose by ‘strategic voting’ you mean NDP everywhere and Green in Saanich?

  2. Marcus T Says:

    What about the Marijuana party? Are they still around? Isn’t that the only issue that sets the Conservative’s apart from the others? The legalization or “decriminalization” of pot?

    What a bunch of losers.

    • remistevens Says:

      Whether or not our healthcare system is crumbling or that our police force is being politicized is irrelevant. Have no concern that most of our votes are discarded or that our PM refuses to speak to us. These less important issues will get sorted out. For now, the parties are working on the real problems: whether or not we can smoke joints and how where and whether gay people should marry.

  3. rockrodeo Says:

    This is a very funny and intelligent perspective that I really appreciate. I agree that 21st Century politics should move on and find new parties. That way we will come to realize that it doesn’t matter who gets into power, because the underlying financial system is inherently corrupting it. On a global scale, we need to re-examine intrinsic value vs. financial value and reassess the structure of the “floating currency castle” economy while taking it apart brick by brick while building a resource based economy instead. Until then, voting Green in an attempt to stem the tides of profit driven motives…

    • remistevens Says:

      I’m with you, absolutely, but I’d like to think that all is not lost yet. It still matters who is in power. Soldiers still listen to the government, unfortunately the government listens to corporate. Our access to power is still available, we just have to vote in the leaders who are promising to fix our broken democracy. The NDP might do that, the other parties definitely will not. In America, they’ve lost the option. For a third party to win power in the US will take one hell of a lot of suffering.

      So long as someone controls financial value, they control the flow of intrinsic value.

  4. Coalition, Fear Politicians Working Together! « The Remi Stevens Bolg Says:

    […] The Remi Stevens Bolg « Rock the Vote. . . .Don’t. […]

  5. remistevens Says:

    Had to remove this prediction from the post because its just not true anymore: “The Bloq will get 2/3 of Quebec seats from 1/2 of the votes. They’ll also get 1 million less votes than the NDP, but twice as many seats.”

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