Coalition, Fear Politicians Working Together!

Canadian politicians are very predictable. Campaign time, the leaders tell us to fear the potential coalition of party’s that could form among their opponents. Following suit, those opposition leaders will deny any interest whatsoever in coalescing. So to recap: The PM tells us to fear politicians working together, and the politicians he is referring to swear they will not work together. All the leaders have promised not to work together with any of the other leaders. Excellent. Our government is about as cohesive as a preschool soccer team, except they can’t even wear the same coloured shirts!

We’ve been expertly duped into believing party rhetoric, so much so it disguises how our government actually functions. We send representatives to Ottawa who discuss and vote enacting policy. Parliament is- representatives of differing opinions uniting to become one governing body. Parliament is coalition. . . . Even within the parties, old lines run hard. Somewhere within the Conservative party the old Reform party still exists- of course it does! Those people didn’t just evaporate; they coalesced. This is what politics is. Coalition isn’t just OK- its necessary, and It goes right down to each individual. Within the pot party I’m sure there are two dudes who can’t agree on bongs or joints, but they come together anyways.

We have a decent system here, its just been infested with these blood sucking parties. They want us to believe that the existence of their party is as much a part of our democracy as parliament itself. We should not be supporting these private organizations that have kidnapped our country any longer! Why in hell do they get tax dollars for their campaigns? Nothing about our system necessitates the need for parties… I’m not a fascist, people can work together if they want, but you’ve got no right making me pay for it!

We’re being told we should fear coalition because then a different party than the one we voted for will be in charge. NDP voters will be mad about King Whatshisface, and Liberal voters will be angry about Queen Layton- more like King Layton these days. . . Lets assume for a moment that you’re the odd type who has really put his faith into one of these parties. You don’t win. Do you want your guy to be there as part of a team or not at all?

Anyone telling you its fair to have a ‘majority’ government mandated by %40 of the population is either bad with math or part of the much smaller fraction of that %40 that actually benefits from such a ‘majority’.

If %40 is a majority, can’t we do away with %20 of these politicians and still have things work OK?

I’m legitimately trying to give this bunk about coalitions being evil a fair shake- so lets address some more often repeated crap that goes with it. Mainly that a coalition government will be forever deadlocked- so we should want majority governments for their ability to get things done. . . . Just asking: what is it we need done exactly? Personally, I still think Canada is pretty great and would prefer to see only moderate, well measured changes. That’s what I’d like to get done. A coalition government is going to be forced to move slow and only make moves that are acceptable by the political majority. Great! That’s exactly how democracy should work. Duh.

If and when there is need for quick moves by the government, don’t worry, martial law was declared in Toronto pretty easily enough last year under a minority government. . . .

Thankfully Chretien’s Liberal majority was in place to whisk our troops off for a quick hike in Afghanistan to hunt for Bin Laden back in 2001. whew.

Lastly, you may be the somewhat right of centre voter who can’t choose between blue and red and is terrified of orange. A vote for the Liberals could be a vote for the evil NDP, you never know. . . . I’ll tell you exactly what i tell those who plan to vote for ‘Anything But Conservative’: every time you vote strategically you push us closer to a two party system where we’ll have even fewer choices. Don’t kid yourself, these slick toothed fuckers all want coalitions- they’d love to whittle it down to only 2 selections. The US system has been great for keeping assholes perpetually in limousines. Elections become the cordial flipping of a coin. . .cha ching!


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