Conservativism looks like Socialism…………. you heard me.

Conservatives, I am with you. Canada needs a smaller, more efficient government or we’ll all end up as wage slaves to income tax. Socialism centralizes control bringing corruption and tyranny. People dining at the public buffet grow lethargic from lack of incentives and rewards. Psychology has taught us the larger the group of people working together, the less effort each individual will give. Socialism is inefficient because you’ve got everyone pulling the same rope; none of them caring to try.

A competition for rewards needs to serve the greater good, or what is it we’re bothering to compete for? The elites have most of us working on shipping garbage across the oceans into landfills. Its so simple, doing things cheaply creates more problems than rewards; deregulation permits companies to find the cheapest way possible. All our laws should favour quality, safety and sustainability, its the only way to safeguard the rewards Capitalism needs to function. We’d destroy ourselves without regulation. Without our laws/government we have Anarchy- a piece of shit.. . . Play the game of Capitalism, but follow rules. If you let one player re-write the spaces, he’ll win and fuck up the board so that nobody else has any fun.

Harper has neglected us through deregulation, same with the Liberals. Any good economist knows you need strict laws that prohibit foreign nationals taking raw resources before adding value. Harper’s Canada is a banana republic . . . for now . . . unfortunately you can’t grow more oil or uranium.

Like Communism, Capitalism looked good on paper until a greedy elite ran away with it and started cheating. The consequences are evident all over. Like Russian peasants, our farmers have their goods taken and are left with little. We work longer hours in harsher conditions, all wearing matching uniforms, doing the same jobs. We even line up at retailers like its the биржа on cabbage day! Our democracies are being disassembled, our hard work is taken, our liberties are with held and our laws are being re-written to serve the elite. They’ve centralized the production and distribution of everything. There are crippling socialist bailouts and subsides. Who cares if Henry Ford or Maxim Gorky directs it; our labour sustains a bleak collective run by an unimaginative centralized elite.

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