Left-Right and the Up-Down Spectrums

Look at society like an X and Y grid. There is a struggle between left and right, but also a struggle between those who have power and those who do not. This vertical polarization exists within each and every group of human beings. The king and his people, the chief and his tribe, a coach and his players, parents and children, Huey Lewis and the News. Those with power and those without power will always struggle, its human nature.

Individuals can never agree %100, its impossible. If we had no concept of authority, we’d be constantly fighting each other. There is always a boss who gets to decide. Its necessary, nothing would get done otherwise. There are many conflicts, but the leader still calls the shots. If and when there is sufficient conflict between leader and people, leadership changes- voted out, grabbed by an angry mob with pitchforks, whatever.

The horizontal struggle of left and right is healthy. Citizenry should argue about tax rates and government influence, control and size. Ah but what about the up/down spectrum? Key issues like globalization and the environment pertain mostly to the vertical scale but have been suspiciously thrown into the left and right debate. Democracy is solely an issue between us and the elites, its got nothing to do with left or right wings. Despite that, through years of propaganda, I can’t use the phrase “silence my voice” for fear of being labeled a left-wing fanatic. Democracy is relevant even to people on the furthest extremes on the horizontal spectrum. Lenin silenced all his communist comrades who dared speak of democracy, not because its offensive to communism, but because it was a threat to his status as an elite.

Our democracies are being dismantled by the rich. So wrapped up in left and right, we have ignored the up/down spectrum. Without democracy, the left-right spectrum ceases to exist for us. We can argue all we like, without a vote it amounts to nothing.

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