Space Attack!

This was a great flick. Scientist Kevin Spacey discovers something. Attack is imminent, no one would believe him, no one except veteran FBI agent Bruce Willis and hot shot Keanu his new partner. Its gripping to watch these pros in action, scene after scene they just stare at each other blankly and so much tension and emotion is implied… Using Bruce’s brute force and Keanu’s connections with a senator, the heros finally reach the president. But alas, the general could not be swayed from his plan of firing nuclear missiles at something. There was no hope for survival, but a twist comes rendering all earlier conflicts irrelevant! Hate to ruin it, but, Willis was actually suffering from an extremely rare psychological disorder which causes hallucinations and Keanu was conning him all along without realizing that Spacey was running an even better con while it was all actually just a dream embedded by an evil scientist into a long lost half brother of Willis who’d been possessed by a demon.

Jim Smetchland’s Rating: A

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