Knight and Day

Its movies like this that make me wish I was born in an era where Tom Cruise was not alive. . . .or possibly a universe where he never existed… I think I’ve figured out why so many big stars play characters who are spies or super heroes forced to act like normal people- makes it less obvious that Tom Cruise is incapable of acting like a normal person. Sure its contrived, its supposed to be. Want your dog to perform a trick while having a nap? Ask him to play dead… The end was just weird, they do a happy pitch-corrected pop song drive-away roll credits, then unexpectedly, a brief sombre finale followed by silent credits as though we’d just watched Shindler’s List or something. Maybe it just played wrong for me or something, I don’t get it?

Jim Smetchland’s Rating: D-

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4 Responses to “Knight and Day”

  1. exuvia Says:

    Haven’t seen the movie but my interest in TC is less than Sponge Bob.


    • remistevens Says:

      My facebook promotion of this post was: “Whole movie watched!”. I decided i would review something i really had no interest in whatsoever and was proud that i was able to faithful sit through the whole thing and even listen to some of it! You can’t fight the devil without understanding his demons.

  2. exuvia Says:

    What is with the chickens? A love of eggs or a move to ban their consumption.

    • remistevens Says:

      I love pictures of industry for some strange reason. I first searched images of chickens in chicken barns or cages, but I’ll be honest, it was too disgusting for me. I didn’t want it stinking up my blog so i used an image of happy chickens from a family’s coup. The wolf cub is missing the show! As for an egg ban, I’m so tired of hearing how humans are designed and therefore should eat meat and meat related foods. Sure, when we lived in caves i could understand the need to tear a chicken apart for dinner. But this is the modern world, we’re “civilized”. A nutritious vegan diet is not difficult to come by. Humans don’t need to eat meat and eggs anymore, but that alone doesn’t necessitate a ban. . . .However, raising animals in factories to keep meat prices low is clearly unethical and should be stopped.

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