Privatizing The Unprofitable

A Company needs profitability. Its financial bottom line is very real; stop making money and it will inevitably cease to exist. A government’s bottom line is with its people. Whether its a democracy or a king’s castle the concept is simple: piss off enough people and your government ceases to exist. Companies answer to profitability, governments answer to people. Say it again if you need to.

Visually depicted for the brain impaired.

The private sector is efficient. They can better provide most of the things that we want and need. But some things we need are unprofitable. Understanding motivation and using common sense are key. We need something done that is unprofitable, why would we give it to the guy who depends on profitability for his very existence?

So what is it that needs to be done and is unprofitable? Basically anything for the poor first off. Health care, shelter, food, the ability to live: these are all profitable when sold, but if you can’t pay, there is no money to be made providing these to you. Privatized systems provide better, more efficient services for some, and no service for others. Look at the USA; even when their economy was booming many citizens were not receiving health care. Privatized services are great if you have money and want it fast. If you don’t have money, uh, best of luck staying alive.

Artificially, we have tried to make environmental costs expensive through regulation, but ultimately, if there were no laws, the cheapest option is to dump it into the lake. This is how our air, water and soil were poisoned. Even renewable resources are a tempting source of quick dollars if you don’t bother with the renewing. Despite this, we elect leadership that puts industry in charge of its own regulation and dismisses scientific input. Clean methods are expensive, dumping it in the lake is cheap, can you guess what’s happening? Motivation should be considered when designing policy. You wouldn’t put wolves in charge of chickens, people don’t determine their own taxes, baseball players don’t pitch to themselves- why would you let industry regulate itself? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

The ceaseless drive to privatize public services weakens our government. Consider privatized teachers, police, tax collectors, boarder guards- take too much away from the public sector, the government becomes powerless. Is a government that doesn’t even enact its own policies actually a government? What would they be governing? I mentioned the poor earlier and their needs, but the need for government applies to all of us. Unless of course you can afford your own army; can you afford your own army?

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6 Responses to “Privatizing The Unprofitable”

  1. Jules Cosby Says:

    Regulations, corporate taxes, all effect the price of the goods (because naturally you can’t take anything from profits, Commie). Gotta keep those low! low! prices to keep everyone happy. Therefore in order to keep everyone happy, maintain minimal regulations and set corporate taxes low.

    The prettiest poison for the lowest cost.

  2. Exuvia Says:

    “we elect leadership that puts industry in charge of its own regulation and dismisses scientific input.”

    Was it my grandmother who admitted to the fact that she voted for the man because he was good looking.


  3. Exuvia Says:

    Really enjoyed the music.

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