The Canadian National Debt.

Think bankers working in collusion with elected officials is a crime only committed against American taxpayers? Think again. Canada has its own massive banking fraud. All your favourite PMs are involved from Trudeau, Mulroney, Chretien, Martin and Harper.

Stats Canada:
(Figures approximated, but it won’t matter.)

1 Trillion paid & 600 Billion still owing = 1.6 Trillion!!!

Governments have budget short-falls. In the old days (30 years ago) they would just print money– since the inception of currency that system worked fine. We still do it today. One, extremely rare, constantly cited example from history, depicts hyperinflation and a nation’s people using wheelbarrows to carry cash to the store-  15 years later that country was powerful enough to conquer Europe.

Big bad Inflation. Printing money causes devaluation, but the exact same thing happens when you borrow money! Bankers are allowed to loan more money than they reserve in assets. So when we borrow money the bank is creating money that didn’t already exist– adding to total money supply. Its a big joke. Instead of printing money at the Bank of Canada we printed it in private banks. Now we’re paying 1/3 of our income tax in interest for absolutely no reason.

Private banks have created over 550 billion worth of new cash. Are you using a wheelbarrow yet? Of course not, hyper-inflation is a ridiculous bogeyman.

Currency legitimizes authority. Coloured pieces of paper are worthless until they stamp ‘Bank of Canada’ on them. It gives the state dominant economic power, that’s its very purpose. Currency is the state. Domestic debt is a ridiculous concept. The sovereign state always has enough. If its dependent on someone else supplying money, its no longer the authority. It’s no longer sovereign.  Borrowing domestically defeats the purpose of having a country; its a backwards concept that should never have been created.

When a person dies, any debt unrecoverable by their estate goes uncollected. Bankers, and our political leaders, created a system where they can keep us and our decedents in debt long after we’re dead, cheating the system. It immortalizes a debt onto the working class. Can you imagine having an impossibly massive debt dumped onto you when a relative died?!? Crazy right? Well that’s what the national debt is. I wasn’t even born when they started this, why am I paying someone else’s debt? And when is the foreseeable end to this? Are we just perpetually going to give up 1/3 of our incomes to people who contribute nothing to society? . . . .Debts are growing not shrinking, even China owes a trillion dollars. Are we really just going to go along with this forever, damning our kids and their kids and so on for no reason at all? This is a joke right? We can’t possibly be this stupid.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"

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8 Responses to “The Canadian National Debt.”

  1. remistevens Says:

    There is linkage above, but this article is especially good:

    You’ll find it says much of what i said only better.

  2. remistevens Says:

    I’m going to add some more clarifications soon when i have time, just in case you’re reeling and think this is a wacky conspiracy theory or something. …I will say this quickly:

    The department of finance overall data is so general and vague its of little help. They do admit interest as our highest expense.

    The CRA website has an overabundance of very specific data, but no overall data that i could find.

    The Bank of Canada website is completely useless. You’ll find a page where they’ll tell you the different types of ‘money supply’ but then give you absolutely no figures. They also don’t list M3 at all- this is the real money supply that includes bonds and bills. The US government stopped using M3 data years ago, we’re just following suit. Its all in an effort to pretend that private banks lending money without assets doesn’t add to total money supply. . . .Hahahah, imagine you could print money and the government didn’t even report it!!!

  3. remistevens Says:

    and don’t blame your Grandmother. Canada Savings Bonds make up about 15 Billion of our debt.

    Also don’t blame the foreign countries that own %15 of our debt. They all have their own massive crippling debts to bankers. So, in effect, we are indebted to their bankers and vice versa. . . .Most of it funnels back to Wall Street in one way or another.

  4. Jack West Says:

    Why the necessity for all the foul language? I might have been interested in what you had to say if not for that. Get out of the gutter and act like you’ve had an education.

    Jack West

    • remistevens Says:

      True, I’m going to get rid of it. It is not a necessity.

      My cursing pales in comparison to the foulness of the general topic however. Hopefully future readers get worked up about that instead.

      Education or not, this is something everyone should know about- change will only come from popular ideas. I’ve always tried to appeal to as wide an audience possible. I’ll never post anything too long winded or academic, i just don’t think people have time for it. They do however have time to learn about how our debt works, a 6 year old could understand this. Its whitewashed, we’re led to believe its too complicated. All of this is off topic, you are right this didn’t need the foul language. It alienates some readers, i just get so damn mad sometimes!

      Hoping you weren’t a spambot scraping blogs for foul words….


  5. Facetheworld Says:

    The thing I don’t understand is why fuck Doesn’t our Government Take the Surplus ,,,And Use it to Create a Canadian Based Company and and Profit from it and use that Profit to Pay our debt ,,,and then When its paid stop taxing and use our national Co’s To pay for Our Benefits such as Health care

    We could also tell the US to take Free trade and Hoop it ,,,And force Them to pay us A fair price for our Produce ….

    Not only that but Make the UN or WN or what ever the Fuck they call it pay for our Peace Keeping services ,So that our military would Not only Pay for its self but also make a profit

    We could also do trades with counties that The US and UN Or WN has imposed sanctions upon ,,,,,Regardless of what The rest of the world says ……..Fact is that These Countries that have had Sanctions Imposed upon them Could Offer us Very Profitable Trade Deals ,,,Because they would step out of 3rd world Nation status into being Top Competitors in the world ,,,Only thing keeping them down Is the US I mean Sanctions

    Problem with my suggestions is that we Do not have a PM nor Did we ever have A PM that had the Balls to tell the UN WN and US to go to hell ,,, and do whats best for Canada Despite what other Countries say about us

    • remistevens Says:

      Thanks FTW, some interesting ideas.

      I don’t know if establishing more crown corporations is wise, its a big risk, they often lose money. But in the same vein, its crazy what our government has sold off. Look at Petro Canada, we owned an oil and gas company, sold it and now oil prices have skyrocketed. Starting something profitable is risky, but selling assets is just plain stupid. For short term budgets and getting elected, our leaders keep selling off anything of value we have.

      I think the government should use surpluses to invest in property. Consider Toronto and Vancouver. Toronto mayors have sold off anything of value, now without that rental income, they’re always crunched for cash. Vancouver wasn’t so stupid, which is why they have a beautifully maintained city flush with cash.

      I’m all for hooping ‘free’ trade which is anything but free or fair.

      Our military is turning a profit for corporate interests who want the mineral resources in Pipeghanistan secured. . . . .Might be hard to charge for peacekeeping if that’s not what we’re really doing…..

      The ultimate problem here is that we have already lost. Bankers are already able to manufacture fake recessions. Its like extortion. If we break trade agreements we will be punished. In the same way that we’re threatened with punishment if we refuse to lower corporate taxes. We need to support democratic global leadership- like the UN and fight undemocratic leadership like the G20, G8, G? Any of the really nasty things going on are done by the Global Trade Organization because they are not accountable to citizenry anywhere. Give us your countries assets, or we’ll do to you what we did to Greece.

      As for the PM’s balls, unfortunately they’ve got them, big ones. Problem is they are not on our side. We keep electing millionaires who are well invested. They own bank shares, corporate shares, mutual funds- they also sit on the board of directors for these places when they retire from ‘public service’. They stand in front of us and lie to our faces because it is profitable for them personally to do so.

  6. Taxing the Rich Solves Nothing « The Remi Stevens Bolg Says:

    […] country has a massive debt, Canada’s debt load is comparatively light. Canadians pay 50 billion a year in interest on the national debt- almost 1/3 as much we bring in from all personal income […]

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