Kokoda and Takers

I was emptying a dresser full of old junk drawers on the weekend and I watched Kokoda and Takers. Takers had Charles Miner from the office and that Matt guy, not demon, the other one. In one scene the heroes gun down 20-30 security guards and probably a dozen bystanders. Soon after one character shoots a cop. His companions lambaste him for the stupid move “What’re you doing shootin’ cops?! Now they’ll be all over us”. A news report soon after is talking about the tragedy of a cop getting shot. A security guard’s life is about as valuable as a carrot’s…Kokoda was next, a WWII drama about Australians defending New Guinea. Being a procrastinator, i started with the easiest drawers and was stuck with the harder sorting now. I didn’t watch as closely, but i knew tragic things were going on from the music. I did see a guy get stabbed in the eye and several people got shot. I was in the kitchen for the last half hour, but judging from the music, i think the Japanese ended up winning and taking over Australia….no wait, that can’t be right…

Jim Smetchland’s Rating: D+

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