Kony 2012 Is A Deception

Banks don’t lend money, they print it out of thin air. Africa’s debt is imagined and keeps them in total poverty. Foreign land owners don’t let people produce for themselves so 24000 of them die every day from malnutrition and starvation. Trade laws force the countries to provide cheap labour and extreme low prices on raw materials…Western banks create the circumstances for people like Kony to exist, people don’t form kidnapping armies in developed countries…… We cause their suffering by who we elect. Red, blue, red, blue….

Poverty is manufactured and easily stoppable. That is the idea that sits just below our collective conscious that needs to be revealed– that’s how you take out Konys and whoever else you’ve got. Yes we can help Africa, and its wonderful to see so many people interested. But a military strike in a foreign country after one man does far more harm than good…. One Million people have died in Iraq all so they could pull one man out of a hole. Or Bin Laden- similar story. You can’t take over a region and pretend that you’re helping, it ludicrous. Civilians die.

The timing of this overnight ‘activism’ is suspicious as well. I mean, Kony has been a problem for over 20 years. The attention this video got so quickly, seems impossible. 3 days in it had over 36 million hits on youtube! I’m sorry, but no cause, no matter how good the video, can get that kind of exposure without serious money pushing it.

Even some of the ‘criticism’ coming out in the wake of it seem nicely prepared as well. Lots of complaints about the group’s spending percentages- a mainstream complaint that has targeted charities for years. If you want to own an issue you must own its criticisms as well…

I am quite sure this video and phenomenon are in response to a very real threat to the true super-villains in our society. They are trying to own the criticism being put out by the occupy movement. It must be quite worrying that even ‘respectable’ people are crying fowl over corruption these days. Harder and harder to pretend that protests are made up of looting thugs. So now, they need to try and channel that mainstream desire for change away from actual change.

We are becoming more connected every day, the pyramid is reversing as described. Actual change is right before us if we want it. A few simple changes in book-keeping and poverty ends. No more underdeveloped regions, no more kidnapping warlord armies….The mainstream wants change, they just don’t know how to get it, its really very sad. But don’t despair, the internet is an information spewing beast they can’t kill. No amount of slick production can compete with solid content- and nothing is as compelling as the truth.

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2 Responses to “Kony 2012 Is A Deception”

  1. remistevens Says:

    Not mentioned but worth researching if you’re still on board with this trickery:

    The leader of Uganda has caused millions of deaths in Congo- he’s the guy we would need to team up with to enter the region.

    Kony only has a couple hundred soldiers left in his army.

    Kony probably hasn’t been in Uganda for years.

  2. exuvia Says:

    What is this bird with two wings; one red one blue

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