“Sex After Kids” – Jim Smetchland Reviews

Writer/Director Jeremy Lalonde doesn’t mess around. He’s got another full length film in the works and it looks awesome. I attended the pre-screening of his last film, great night. The energy of a fun cast was evident in the theatre and on the screen. Lalonde’s got his cast ready for “Sex After Kids”, but he could still use your help producing it!

This is a procrastination alert, there are only 10 days left in the campaign to finance the film! Its up to about 90% of the total goal, so now is the time to finally pitch in if you can or spread the news! I know, I know, you’ve been busy shouting about the stolen election and having shoulder surgery just like me. You’ve seen him on facebook promoting, meaning to get in to help. Well now is the time. If Jim Smetchland finally got around to it, that means time is almost out!

Want a film financed? If you can fit “sex” in as the first word of your title, you’re halfway there.

Not to be negative at all, but my recent steam regarding monetary theory demands a quick track of the funds and resultant inflation. Visa creates new currency in my name and hands it to IndieGogo, who then takes a share and gives the rest to Jeremy Lalonde. At which point he can deposit it back into a bank which resolves Visa’s obligation to provide anything at all and enables more inflationary lending. Or Lalonde could cash it out as a bag of gold and sit on it during production slowly handing out bits to cover expenses. I say this in all honesty, it may be safest to hoard over the gold.

Sadly as procrastinators we’ve missed one of the coolest gifts that come with contributing- naming of a character. But its the only one sold out, there are still plenty of great things left to pick up- media, screenings, events, vacations. Millionaires, want to play a prank? Purchase 100 producer credits and he’ll be forced to put your name in the film as producer 100 times! Wouldn’t that be a gas?!!

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