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  1. remistevens Says:

    Just a comment after the fact….Something brought to my attention by my friend and colleague Duke Buzzy. “Alex Jones is nuts”.

    I must say i do concur with that statement and i suggest anyone watching Alex should do so with a large grain of salt. He is nuts and his conclusions are often wild and poorly founded. That said. His reporting and linking of news articles is nothing short of brilliant. Also his marketing and his engaging of his audience is top notch. I’d say there is even the possibility that he is secretly working for the corporate crapfest – someone who takes conspiracy so far that it acts to discredit more palpable objections and dissent. Which is essentially what this episode was all about….

    But most definitely in defense of Alex Jones, show me a ‘mainstream’ journalist who isn’t nuts. Just because they remain calm and have excellent presentation of their lies. The info we get from the mainstream is extremely destructive, it kills 10s of thousands every day by way of war and manufactured poverty. To me, that is much more nuts than the brash insults and dark and scary predictions presented by Jones.

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