Remi Stevens and the Gang of Thieves

Its a blog, kitchen show, one man Toronto Band, 100’s of songs, 10’s of genres, videos, writing, fish wrestling.

It’s all done by Remi Stevens



December 2011. The band will be giving a second performance at Megawad Stadium. Manager Jim Smetchland comments on the new sound system at Megawad…

“We’re hoping the bass from the speakers is actually powerful enough to stop a human heart this time- that’s never been done before at a live event so we’re obviously pretty excited”

Tickets available at your local burn center.


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4 Responses to “Remi Stevens and the Gang of Thieves”

  1. remistevens Says:

    We seem to be, uh, experimenting some. . . techwological differences. . ..

  2. exuvia Says:

    ‘Wo’! this is not logical. Seems to be a tech experiment. Uh, different it is.

    I was using my Art War voice from the time i did the url-tle.

  3. exuvia Says:

    Like the blue coal and fiber optics look.

  4. remistevens Says:

    hey thanks Exuvia, good to see you’re back.

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