Demand Satisfaction!

Hey there, want Remi to stink up a particular topic?

Leave me a comment, I’ll wiki the topic, do some sloppy research, quickly assess the information, and come back at you pretending to be an expert. “Consume information, regurgitate text”, I had that written on my bedroom wall once- got me through some tough papers. No no, i will pay your topic careful attention i promise. . . . ..

No guarantees on time lines, but if its something i haven’t done i’ll definitely do it. Part of my plans to have an opinion about everything and saturate google searches to gain power.

oh and wouldn’t you be curious as to the soundtrack for your topic?

and if nobody says a goddamn thing that’s easier for me anyways.

4 Responses to “Demand Satisfaction!”

  1. Conservative Jerkwad#1 Says:

    Do a post on website design.

  2. Black Rogers Says:

    p0St on na hardcore b3ats!!!

  3. F'en A Cotton Says:

    you should post on unions and pensions and the unsustainable nature of either in their current forms.

    • remistevens Says:

      hmm interesting. But it isn’t the union or pensions that are unsustainable, in fact i would say they are impermeable realities of human life. Humans form groups and bargain collectively, always have always will. We can also always very very easily support our eldars. Call it ‘pensions’ call them ‘unions’, terminology is irrelevant….But i’d like to hear what you mean exactly.

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