New Media Intern Wanted!

The label I work with, BWR, is looking for a new media computer slinging intern.

What they need at Broken Window Records is someone who knows a bit about all these:
-Graphic designing
-Social media
-Doomsday devices

The BWR label is based out of the Euphonic Sound recording studio in Toronto. The studio is a busy place. Expect to see musicians of all genres, professional sound engineering/experimentation, and a general environment of creativity and learning. The label is comprised of bands that have come to record at the studio, including Remi Stevens and the Gang of Thieves (thankfully everyone survived the fire). Seriously though its a cool place and a lot of interesting people come through, you’ll see some of everything from electronic component designing to fiddle tuning, Dj techniques, mastering, writing. . .you name it, we cover the whole process.

I’ll be honest, most musicians like myself consider web work to be a big bummer- I’m just not any good at it. The other day it took me two hours to figure out how to put a googlemap on my blog! We’ve got creative engineers, musicians and producers at BWR, what we still need is a creative new media designer. We all strive to learn from each other at BWR, but no one is focused on social media. You’d be an invaluable part of the team.
416 – 303 – 3764

later dudes,


4 Responses to “New Media Intern Wanted!”

  1. Trevor Cripps Says:

    Please view my Online Portfolio, and note the technique and not the subject for all work shown are “commissioned works”. As you will see I have quite a diversity in several styles and techniques, feel free to contact me if you are interested and/or have any questions.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. broketern Says:

    sound good but …is this a paid internship? would be nice is all 🙂

  3. remistevens Says:

    whoops, i put that its no pay on the craigslist post, but forgot here. sorry no pay.
    I think James is able to give school credits though, as i understand it. You would have to contact him about that.

  4. Help Yourself, the new customer service model. « The Remi Stevens Bolg Says:

    […] may have noticed I recently put up a post looking for a computer intern for the studio. I figured a great way to increase traffic on the post was to leave a link to it on […]

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