The Filthy Kitchen Viewer Pics Contest!!!

Alright here’s the deal, t-shirts are in the works! And i don’t mean the dirty old shirts i write on for the show, real manufactured shirts! Its going to be real easy for you to win one, all you need to do is send me a pic of your own filthy kitchen. Were going to pick the best submission and send the winner one of the first shirts!

No Cheating! Hey You! Remember i lift images illegally off of google searches all the time for my blog. Make the photo your own please. . . . You could include yourself in the pic to prove it if you like, but don’t worry i am well aware that most people don’t take the same pride in a good mess that i do.

Drop me a message here with a link, post the pic in the comment section, or send it to me on email:

free stuff page



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